The premise of The New Ism is to provoke debate and discussion about how to create a fairer economy, fit for the modern world, based on existing social innovation. We therefore invite leading social innovators, big thinkers and decision makers to talk to us at our live talks and on our podcasts about their motivations, their ambitions and what they think is necessary to forge a society that works for everyone. These people come from all walks of life and seek to fix different problems, but they are all committed to a vision of a world that is fairer and more inclusive.

Live talks

Our live talks are held in London and Glasgow, the UK’s major hubs for social innovation. They take various formats – solo speakers, debates, panels and fireside chats, and always allow time for questions from the audience. These talks are a wonderful opportunity for those who believe in a better society to meet like-minded people, exchange ideas and be inspired by today’s most exciting social innovators. Drinks and nibbles are usually provided.

To see our upcoming live talks and book tickets through Eventbrite, please go to our live talks page.


All our live talks are broadcast on The New Ism podcast, which is available on iTunes, GooglePlay and Soundcloud. In addition, each week Mel and Alex invite an inspirational innovator to talk to us about what motivates them to pour their heart and soul into their work and what a new economy looks like from their perspective. These intimate conversations are a chance to better understand the issues we face and what some of our brightest minds are doing to tackle those issues.

To see a list of our podcast episodes, please visit our podcast page or search for The New Ism wherever you get your podcasts. We hope to see you there!